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Dealership U is designed to help grow your people to grow your business. With over 80 percent retention levels and immediately applicable training insights, Dealership U is the most powerful and effective training tool available. Our courses are written by automotive business development experts and are designed to help your employees learn and grow while contributing to your dealership's goals.
Training to make your dealership more efficient, profitable and focused on your customers.
Rather than passive learning experiences that are reduced to reading assignments and a quiz, Dealership U is the only environment where you can directly engage with industry experts and your peers. This challenging, interactive experience helps students role-play, ask questions, share stories and work from their own Personalized Education Plan (PEP). We are also the only platform that provides access to one-on-one live coaching sessions.
Personal Education Plan
Each employee will be placed on a personalized learning path. These PEPs help your people become better at their current roles and also enable you to develop talent you will need in the future.
Training to Take your Dealership to the Next Level
A high-performing dealership is the sum of its parts, which is why Dealership U offers training on the most important job roles and functions including sales, service, BDC and management. But unlike other education platforms, Dealership U trains your employees to see how their role contributes to a profitable, customer-focused dealership. Imagine what you can accomplish with all of your employees working towards the same goals.
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